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Yesteryear's Snow

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Searching Community in Society

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It's not obvious that this film has a community context: A man leaves the city to move back into the village he grew up in - hoping to continue the pleasant life of his youth. Things made sense back then: Beautiful nature, little traffic, people know each other and it's easy to get involved. Similar reasons as for moving into intentional communities. However - the protagonist's ideas about communication and decision making don't quite resonate with the locals...

By the director of "Life under Palm Trees - the Sieben Linden Ecovillage", who finally did move to Sieben Linden after finishing this film's production.
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"Yesteryear's Snow" is a documentary about an experiment: After living in the city and abroad for 13 years, Michael Wuerfel moves back to his beautiful hometown Pfronten in the mountains of Southern Germany and tries to feel home again. Pfronten used to be the perfect place when he grew up. All his friends, all the girls he was in love with, all the dreams were home right there. Most people are gone now, some stayed, some potential new friends turn up. What happens to that feeling of home ("Heimatgefühl") when you do exactly what it tells you to do and go back?

"Yesteryear's Snow" is a clever, funny, beautiful film about that odd feeling that's so hard to grasp. Wuerfel doesn't ask about anybody's home, he tries to live home - and we stay right with him, for one winter. We meet some personalities of Pfronten and begin to understand what the feeling might be like.

DVD includes:
  • Feature film (English narration and subtitles)
  • bonus film "Trip to Neuschwanstein" (English narration and subtitles)
  • English subtitles for the hearing impaired
  • additional bonus material in German without subtitles