Life under Palm Trees DVD

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Life under Palm Trees - the Sieben Linden Ecovillage

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Filmmaker Michael Wuerfel lived and filmed in the community of Sieben Linden for four months in the summer of 2001 and created "Life under Palm Trees" - a powerful and captivating snapshot of a freshly founded intentional community project with huge ambitions. 2007 the filmmaker became a member of the community and, since then, helps to develop the vision of a socially, ecologically and economically functioning village in a world lacking healthy alternatives to destruction and pessimism. Ever since, "Live under Palm Trees" has regularly been updated and thus kept relevant to watch.

This DVD features:

  • the 60 minute "Life under Palm Trees" with English subtitles for the hearing and the hearing impaired
  • the 7 minute "Sieben Linden 2014" with English subtitles, a comprehensive portrait of Sieben Linden today
  • the 15 minute update to the feature film created in 2008, with English subtitles
  • several extras in German without subtitles