The Biggest Little Farm

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Enchanting documentary about the adventure of regenerative farming (multi-language DVD).

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The Biggest Little Farm

Not exactly a community film - but there is so much overlap between the lives of John and Molly and their volunteers and real life in intentional community - and the film is so amazing that we were happy to add it to our shop.

Content: John and Molly give up their regular life in Los Angeles to live their dream of owning their own farm. We accompany the two of them for over ten years on their courageous, sometimes rocky path and experience how a parched and fallow piece of land awakens to diverse new life through regenerative agriculture. As John is a filmmaker/cameraman, alongside the almost unbelievable story of repeated failures and successes, the result is a cinematic masterpiece that you immediately want to show to someone else (including your children).
I have heard some criticism of the film from the permaculture community, as John and Molly have obviously managed to raise a lot of money for their experiment, which is not available to every permaculture project - but I find the message that this is possible much more important and inspiring than such reservations.

Make sure to check out "The Story of Chris" in the "Extras" of the DVD.

Micha Würfel.